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Differentiate. Inspire. Celebrate -  Weekly Mauritius
From left to right: Darvin Dussoye, Cedrine Chimon-Rampal, Raveena Doolhur and Michael Yap San Min

Differentiate. Inspire. Celebrate - Weekly

Published on
December 13, 2018
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At AfrAsia Bank, we have proud brand ambassadors whose unflinching commitment and staunch drive over the years have contributed to building the bricks and motor of the Bank over the past decade. Let’s together acknowledge and applaud the success stories of our people whose accomplishments shaped the year in a noteworthy way.

Darvin Dussoye

  • Department : Payment and Trade Services

  •  The 3 words that best describe me : Team Player. Perseverant. Self-Motivated.

  • My job role implicates : Ensure a smooth and efficient processing of various types of payments, clearing of cheques, and standing orders in a timely and organised way.

  • My career path at AfrAsia : I joined the Bank in 2012 and in a matter of 4 years, I grew from a Customer Service Assistant (CSA) to Senior CSA and ultimately got promoted to Supervisor. The Business Support Department was a new experience for me but I could make it through hard work and dedication. With the support of my team, I got cross trained and added a few new skills to my set.

  • My first feeling when joining the Bank : There is a great vibe at AfrAsia - a different culture, new environment, new colleagues and a new adventure.

  • My proudest professional accomplishment : I have been given the opportunity to streamline the MNS process. This resulted in the Bank saving many hours of labour time and most importantly improving the turnaround time for even greater customer experience. My effort has been recognised and rewarded providing a great sense of achievement.

  • What keeps your motivation going? : Empowerment. Rewards & Recognition. Teamwork



Cedrine Chimon-Rampal

  • Department : Sustainability & CSR

  • The 3 words that best describe me : Passionate. Optimistic. Committed

  • My job role implicates : To look after all CSR initiatives of the Bank through AfrAsia Foundation while involving the staff & clients to our social causes.
  • My career path at AfrAsia : I am working for AfrAsia Bank since August 2017. One month later AfrAsia Foundation was launched and just after inherited a pipeline of wonderful projects to implement. Through this experience, I learned how to get out of my comfort zone, push my limits, and overcome them efficaciously.
  • My first feeling when joining the Bank : Proud! I have been working for social projects namely as a counselor and project manager for the private sector and NGOs. I must say that I am proud to work for a Bank that explores the differences in people and empower them to prosper.
  • My proudest professional accomplishment? : The opening of the AfrAsia School in Curepipe in 2018 to support the cause of education for underprivileged children. Helping someone who cannot pay back provides a sense of purpose and self-worth.
  • What keeps your motivation going? : My husband and sons – I want to become a good role model for them.

Raveena Doolhur

  • Department : Compliance

  • The 3 words that best describe me : Patient. Enthusiastic. Accountable.

  • My job role implicates : Wearing the compliance hat comes with huge responsibility. As a core member of the team, I am entrusted with the advising the Bank on relevant laws and guidelines that fall under this function.
  • My career path at AfrAsia : I joined the Compliance department in 2011 as a trainee. Today I am a Senior Compliance Manager overseeing both the compliance and customer onboarding teams. It has been an enriching journey where I had the chance to not only be part of but also lead various interesting projects implemented across the Bank.
  • My first feeling when joining the Bank : It was like a wonderful homecoming experience. AfrAsia is a great place to work and thrive.
  • My proudest professional accomplishment : Being part of the Culture Ambassadors team, who helped in establishing the DARE culture while ensuring that these values are lived across the Bank.
  • What keeps your motivation going? : Compliance is a never-ending challenge. Any new implementation provides a sense of accomplishment.

Michael Yap San Min

  • Department : AfrAsia Capital Management (ACM)
  • The 3 words that best describe me : Team player. Reliable. Conscientious.
  • My job role implicates : Providing diverse structured investment solutions to high net worth individuals and institutional clients, based on the client’s risk profile.
  • My career path at AfrAsia : I started as a senior investment analyst in January 2014 and my role was to perform global macroeconomic research to provide in-depth insights into the global markets to our internal investment committee. I also developed model portfolios that were used by our portfolio managers to cater for their clients’ risk/return profile and investment objectives. A few years later, I was promoted to the role of Senior investment manager
  • My first feeling when joining the Bank : I was thrilled to join ACM and was fortunate to land a job as an investment analyst, particularly for someone with an engineering background in the field of microelectronics.
  • My proudest professional accomplishment: During the last financial year, I have been working on innovative structured investment solutions, which was a big success for both clients and ACM.
  • What keeps your motivation going? : I generally set my own goals and I am passionate in what I do


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