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Differentiate. Inspire. Celebrate by Business Magazine
From left to right: Guylaine Lennon, Lavinia Thancanamootoo, Nadeem Abdul Carrim & Bibi Sabina Suntbaccus

Differentiate. Inspire. Celebrate - Business Magazine

Published on
December 12, 2018
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At AfrAsia Bank, we have proud brand ambassadors whose unflinching commitment and staunch drive over the years have contributed to building the bricks and motor of the Bank over the past decade. Let’s together acknowledge and applaud the success stories of our people whose accomplishments shaped the year in a noteworthy way.

Guylaine Lennon

  • Department : Private Banking and Wealth Management
  • The 3 words that best describe me : Motivated. Service-driven. Empathetic.
  • My job role implicates : Understanding the clients’ needs to provide personalised financial solutions, carry out ongoing portfolio management including the monitoring of customers’ accounts and nurture long-term relationships with clients.
  • My career path at AfrAsia : Coincidently, my career started alongside the establishment of the Bank. I relied on my 27 years of prior banking experience and my strong understanding of the Private Banking Clients to adapt and add value to my new working environment. Over the past 11 years, the Bank has contributed significantly in reinforcing my professional capabilities and enabling me to build a network in the Private Banking space. My first feeling when joining the Bank : Apprehensive as I was leaving my comfort zone to embark on a new adventure. However, the yearning for a new challenge was far stronger.
  • My proudest professional accomplishment : Being part of the founding team and witnessing of the rise of AfrAsia from start-up to a renowned bank. Today, we have clients in more than 140 countries.
  • What keeps your motivation going? : I feel a sense of accomplishment in helping others to get things done. The support and trust of my leaders and clients are another great motivating factor.


Lavinia Thancanamootoo

  • Department : Treasury & Markets
  • The 3 words that best describe me : Determined. Courageous. Passionate
  • My job role implicates : As an assistant dealer, I book deals, send indicative rates, and cross rates internally.
  • My career path at AfrAsia : I started as a trainee and slowly climbed up the ladder to become an Assistant Dealer. Throughout my internship, I got the chance to learn and widen my knowledge and expertise in the treasury fields.
  • My first feeling when joining the Bank : My first day took place in a welcoming atmosphere. I appreciate the fact that the Bank treated me as a normal employee despite my disability. I have the support of my team in my day to day tasks.
  • My proudest professional accomplishment : When I was confirmed as a permanent employee at AfrAsia as an Assistant Dealer. My effort has been recognised and rewarded providing a great sense of achievement and further motivated me to do well in my assigned tasks.
  • What keeps your motivation going? : Giving my best and being appreciated for all the efforts I put in.



Nadeem Abdul Carrim

  • Department: Global Business Banking
  • The 3 words that best describe me: Meticulous. Customer-oriented. Committed
  • My job role implicates: To ensure that my team is delivering an unflinching customer service; my colleagues get the right support to achieve their targets, and finally I stand as a role model.
  • My career path at AfrAsia: It has been years of accomplishment at the Bank at different positions with the strong support and guidance of my senior. I joined as Relationship Manager before the Bank opened its doors and after 11 years, I am standing as the Deputy Head of Global Business. My professional advancement was due to the business generated from my client portfolio/business partners, the feedback received from clients and the management and the endearing support of my colleagues and peers.
  • My first feeling when joining the Bank: I was happy to take this challenge. Got a warm welcome and glad to be part of the founding team.
  • My proudest professional accomplishment: I was hired with a blank white sheet, where I was invited to write my objectives/goals as well as the support required for achieving same. It was never a question of proving yourself FIRST but it was more of a TRUST nature resulting in realizable targets each year. Both AfrAsia’s reputation and the clients’ feedback were going hand in hand
  • What keeps your motivation going: My customers’ satisfaction, my team’s attitude and my business


Bibi Sabina Suntbaccus

  • Department : ICT
  • The 3 words that best describe me : Hardworking. Hilarious. Extroverted.
  • My job role implicates : As a Report Specialist, my main task is to correlate data to produce information for the organisation. This also include analysing financial data and data forecasting.
  • My career path at AfrAsia : Ever since I joined AfrAsia, my journey has been full of exciting challenges. I grab hold of any opportunities to re-engineer the existing systems and to initiate new concepts and designs in the reporting stream with the aim to contribute to AfrAsia’s vision for innovation and digitalisation. Two years down the line, I have been promoted to Reports Specialist to further deepen my expertise in this field.
  •  My first feeling when joining the Bank : A combination of nervousness and excitement
    at the thought of venturing into the unknown: a new environment, new colleagues, and altogether new culture. But very rapidly, AfrAsia felt like home.
  • My proudest professional accomplishment : When I was awarded “Achiever of the Year 2017”.
  • What keeps your motivation going? : Life is a journey and I hold the keys to open my inner locks.


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