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Global Battery Market powered by Automotive Electrification - Structured Product

Global Battery Market powered by Automotive Electrification - Structured Product

Published on
July 14, 2021
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The World today stands on the brink of transformation in mobility revolution… or are we already there?  According to a report from the World Economic Forum, by 2040, over 50% of the cars sold worldwide will be electric vehicles (EVs) and the latter will be dominating the European automotive market by securing 70% of the market share. Even the big high-end players like Lamborghini have embarked on the bandwagon and announced their first hybrid supercar.


Whilst this momentum seems to be unrelenting, what does this mean for the global battery market? To explore the dynamics and the opportunities engendered by this revolution, we deep-dived into the subject matter in our previous article, highlighting the booming demand for what has been dubbed as the ‘new gold’ – Copper – as well as its counterparts, Aluminium and Nickel.


How do we leverage this opportunity?

The EV battery revolution is likely to have a sizeable impact on the demand for key battery materials such as Nickel, Copper and Aluminium.  With electrification swinging the pendulum in favour of these commodities, is it time to invest in these?


Structured Product: Snowball Autocall on Worst-of Nickel, Copper & Aluminium

If you want to seize this flourishing opportunity, look no further. AfrAsia Bank has tailored a structured product linked to the Aluminium (LOAHDY), Copper (LOCADY), Nickel (LONIDY) as per below details:


Do you wish to seize this investment opportunity?

If you wish to get more information or you wish to invest in our structured product, contact our Structuring Team.


  • Ashvind Boobun
    Chief Analyst - Structuring
    (+230) 5253 4898

  • Khirita Ajoodha
    Analyst Structuring
    (+230) 5254 3508

  • Raveen Ramlakan
    Head of Structuring, South Africa Representative Office
    (+230) 5259 4702 / (+27) 83 444 3246
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