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Meet David Chamtyoo, our Elite Achiever of the Year 2019
David Chamtyoo, Accountant

Meet David Chamtyoo, our Elite Achiever of the Year 2019

Published on
October 26, 2020
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Differentiate. Inspire. Celebrate
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Accountant by profession, a doting father to 2 little boys and nurturing a keen interest for drawing and design, he joined AfrAsia Bank in 2016 with a staunch belief to leave his imprint and contribute to the Bank’s success in his own ways.  Fast forward to 2020, he earned a promotion, secured a diploma in Graphic Design and made his way to the Bank’s prestigious list of exceptional employees. Meet David Chamtyoo, our Elite Achiever of the Year 2019.


Tell us about your AfrAsian Journey

I joined AfrAsia Bank in 2016 as an Intermediate Accountant and progressively climbed the success ladder to being promoted as an Accountant towards the end of 2017.  When I look back to these past 4 years, it has been a rollercoaster ride full of challenges, long nights at work and cherished moments with colleagues; all of these have been instrumental in crafting my journey so far.


What made you join the Bank back in 2016?

I must admit that it was not an easy call to make to change jobs, especially when you are a family man.  The Bank had forged itself a reputation of being the preferred financial partner for High Net Worth Individuals and going the extra mile for its customers. That meant there was little room, if any at all, for mistake, and you had to be the best at what you do.  A little bit apprehensive at the beginning, I finally anchored my decision on the belief that I will persevere and find my way since AfrAsia Bank is reckoned to be a believer in talents and I was sure that joining the Bank would give a new impetus to my learning curve.


What has been your proudest moment at AfrAsia Bank?

Undoubtedly, being awarded the Elite Achiever for the year 2019 in recognition of my efforts and innovative approach to improving the internal processes for an enhanced employee experience and customer service.  When I joined the Bank, it was a real challenge because everything was mostly manual. But, this was also the ideal opportunity for me to innovate and bring forward process automations and set adequate controls.  Here, I would like to seize the opportunity to thank my Managers and colleagues for their contribution and support in helping me attain this milestone.


What do you believe are the key values that have been the springboard for your success?

Definitely integrity, which for me, is a sure way of winning our employer’s and clients’ trust.  My life philosophy is to always persevere and never give up however difficult the situation might be because there is always a solution. Furthermore, to succeed as an accountant requires agility and the capacity to adapt to changes which, at AfrAsia, is a prerequisite for success. I also believe that you need to self-empower yourself to drive your growth. 


The Bank provides its employees with a tremendous platform for sharing ideas and growing both career-wise and personally, but ultimately, it rests up to you to go beyond believing and act on your beliefs to achieve success.


What is your mantra to succeed in life?

Believe in yourself and give everything you do your best shot. You should always trust your capabilities and never question your ability to achieve your goals.  I think the reason why I love my job is that AfrAsia Bank and I share the same values…that of being a firm believer in one’s talent and thinking differently to be creative and innovative at all times. 


A last word?

I want to thank my Managers for having believed in me at the outset.  A big thank you to the Bank for providing me the platform to work towards reaching my full potential. I definitely attribute my success to my father who has inculcated, to all his children, the values of hard work, honesty and maintaining a positive attitude even in the most challenging times.  Last but most importantly, my wife, without whom I would not have been where I am today; she deserves all my appreciation and gratitude for having always had my back, believed in my ability to reach the pinnacle of my success and gifted me 2 wonderful sons.

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