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AfrAsia Achiever Awards (AAA)

AfrAsia Achiever Awards (AAA)

Published on
January 07, 2020
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Differentiate. Inspire. Celebrate
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AfrAsia Achiever Awards (AAA)


Driven by its ambition to become a Great Place to Work®, and be an Employer of Choice, AfrAsia Bank has invested in making the workplace positive and motivating for its employees. In this vein, the AAA Employees Rewards Programme was launched. It aims to make work more meaningful and give the Bank’s employees a sense of belonging with the organisation.

In line with our vision, and core to the Bank’s People strategy, the rewards programme looks to recognise the employees who have outshone themselves in delivering operational excellence and delighting customers by going the extra mile in their daily tasks.

The inspiring motto of AAA says it all about our approach to Human Capital: “Because our employees are precious”. The happiness of our people matters and satisfied employees result in increased performance, happy customers as well as business growth.



What is special about this Award?

AAA gives the unique opportunity for colleagues to celebrate each other’s efforts for living by the DARE values of the Bank - Disruptive, Action, Rocking and E!!- in their everyday actions. Being acknowledged by peers gives a sense of achievement and makes them feel valued.


How does this work?

Employees are celebrated through “diamonds”, an instant recognition with a certificate and a gift. They can be nominated by their colleagues or a Head of Department.

“Diamonds” are awarded to those who consistently show positive attitude and team spirit by providing exceptional service to customers or colleagues, for doing what it takes to get the job done, for daring to be the change, for thinking differently, working smart and creatively, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the overall employee and customer experience.


The Achiever of the Month and The Elite Achiever of the Year

Each month we celebrate everyone who has been awarded diamonds during the course of the month. The employees who are conferred 3 diamonds enter the selection list and stand a chance to be nominated the Achiever of the Month. Organised in both a solemn and entertaining manner, the Award ceremony is graced by the CEO in person who honours the Achiever for their unique contribution.


Inspired to reward the exceptional Achiever, the AAA calendar culminates in the celebration of the Elite Achiever of the Year. The employee having garnered the most diamonds over the year is disclosed, announced and bestowed this title amid much effervescence during the vibrant end-of-year party celebrations. The winner bags a special trophy and an internationally recognised training course abroad for advanced professional growth in the Elite Achiever’s field of competency. All costs are fully covered by the Bank.

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