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Supporting the communities where we live and work

Supporting the communities where we live and work

Published on
May 15, 2018
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1. First Day at the AfrAsia School

In line with our quest to shape a world of difference, the AfrAsia School has proudly welcomed 30 underprivileged children aged 3-5 years old since the 9th January 2018. Our NGO partner, Ti Rayons Soleil, is responsible for the efficient daily running of the school and the well-being of the ‘AfrAsiaKids’. The European Commission’s Lifelong programme currently being taught at the AfrAsia School has been designed to enable young people, at any stage of their life, to take part in stimulating learning experiences, as well as enhanced education and training. This programme has received a grant of MUR 4 Million from the EU Decentralised Corporation Programme for the year 2018-2020.

2. Post-Berguitta: Relief and hope to the AfrAsiaKids’s families

Following the cyclone Berguitta, the AfrAsia Foundation supported the affected communities of our school, ensuring that clothes and food supplies were donated by our employees to help with the relief efforts.

3. Our MoBros support World Cancer Day

The 4th February 2018 marked World Cancer Day, and our MoBros demonstrated their commitment towards the importance of raising cancer awareness by participating in the “Signs for Change” – ‘We Can. I Can.’ activity at the Avalon Golf Estate. On this occasion, the AfrAsia Foundation remitted a cheque of MUR 203,750 to the NGO Link to Life, representing the total funds raised by our MoBros during the ‘Movember Campaign 2017’. The funds raised will help Link to Life purchase a linear ultrasound probe used for cancer screening


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