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Treasury & Markets

AfrAsia Treasury offers client-centric treasury solutions, market expertise and specialist industry knowledge.

Building on our knowledge of the market, AfrAsia offers multiple solutions ranging from simple spot transaction to sophisticated, bespoke strategies. These include forward contracts, non-deliverable forwards and structured FX options to help you manage your business’ finances and make the most of your investments. 

Whether you are a personal or a corporate client, our Treasury team’s expertise is only ever a phone call away. Our team can be reached at any time during working hours (9am to 5pm, GMT +4)

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Products and Services

Whether your execution needs are driven by a transactional, hedging or investment strategy, our dynamic team offers a full range of solutions, both standard and customised, to help you navigate the various challenges of continuously changing financial markets.

  • Foreign Exchange
    Trade in major, emerging markets and exotic currencies.
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  • Money Market and Fixed Income
    We cater for deposits in MUR as well as foreign currency deposits in major currencies and some African and emerging markets currencies.
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  • Structured Solutions
    Sophisticated and innovative solutions that cater for structured FX hedging requirements, interest rate management and yield-enhanced investment strategies.
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  • Financial Institution
    The Financial Institutions team at AfrAsia Bank Ltd establishes as their prerogative to be the preferred liquidity provider of their banking counterparties in strategic markets and extend the Bank’s presence across the globe.
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  • Debt Capital Market
    The Debt Capital Market desk advises both local and international clients on structures to raise debt for acquisitions, refinancing of existing debt, or restructuring of existing debt.
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Market Updates
  • 23 Jul
    EUR/USD at the crossroads of a strong breakout, $1.1790 key level!


    The U.S dollar fell across the board last week after US President Trump tweeted his displeasures over the USD strength …

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  • 17 May
    EUR/USD faded the drop to a new low as expected, Wave C of corrective setback could be in play!


    The news...


    The Single currency slumped to a new low of $1.1763 on Wednesday before recovering quickly above $1.180…

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  • 15 May
    EUR/USD a fading flower, don't write off a possible new low in the coming days!


    The news..


    After losing almost 4.5% from the middle of April, the Single Currency recovered strongly last week from…

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Parikshat Tulsidas

Senior Executive – Head Treasury & Markets

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  • Reshma Peerun
    Head – Treasury Sales
    +230 403 5500
  • Allan Juste
    Head - Forex And Derivatives
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  • Ashvind Boobun
    Chief Analyst - Structuring
    +230 5253 4898
  • Jean Francois Ulcoq
    Head - Fixed Income & Liquidity Management
    +230 5251 8972
  • Jen Ramanah
    Head of Treasury
    +230 403 5500
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