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Frequently Asked Questions

Career FAQ

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about working or applying for a job at AfrAsia.

What training and development does AfrAsia offer?
Our aim is to develop leaders at every level of our business. Performance management is very important to us. When you join the AfrAsia Bank team, you will have regular performance reviews, career discussions and access to coaching through your line manager. You’ll need to establish career objectives with your line manager and agree the next steps; then we will provide the support and guidance to help you achieve those ambitions.

What is AfrAsia’s culture like?
As a small and agile bank that punches above its weight in the region, we encourage our people to innovate and think like entrepreneurs. Our CEO holds regular face-to-face meetings with staff in order to share goals, objectives, results & new strategies. Our passionate management team works closely with our operational teams to communicate our values and ensure they don’t get diluted. We also encourage our people to provide feedback via suggestion boxes, regular employee engagement surveys and face-to-face meetings with members of the executive team.

What benefits do you offer employees?
In addition to a competitive salary and a great working environment, we offer a company pension, medical insurance, staff loans, performance bonuses, social events, internal health awareness sessions... and much more!

How can I find out about career opportunities at AfrAsia?
Our job openings are advertised on our website, in the Mauritian press and on the IBL Ltd website. We also welcome speculative CVs if no jobs are currently advertised.

How do I apply for a job at AfrAsia?

Your CV is also a crucial part of your application. You should make sure that both your covering letter and your CV are tailored to the role or operational area that you are applying for. Your CV should clearly set out your educational achievements, any professional qualifications you have attained, your previous work experience and any extra-curricular activities that are relevant to the role you are applying for. Check your CV to make sure that it reflects the job’s specifications and place any required qualifications prominently at the top of the document.

If your CV is shortlisted, we’ll conduct phone or face-to-face interviews to assess your enthusiasm, skillset and fit with AfrAsia’s values. Make sure you are prepared to explain how you fit the specifications of the role you’ve applied for, and to provide examples of how you applied your skills or dealt with particular problems in previous jobs.

Is AfrAsia an equal opportunities employer?
AfrAsia does its utmost to promote diversity within its workforce. We actively support both the Training and Employment of Disabled Persons Board of Mauritius and the Government’s Youth Employment Programme.

What community or CSR activities do you support?
We are passionate about our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and we concentrate on a small number of dedicated projects that reflect our key values. We believe that AfrAsia has a strong role in sustainable development and encourage our employees to actively participate in our CSR activities

How does AfrAsia celebrate success among its employees?
The yearly AfrAsia Achiever Award recognises members of staff who truly live our values, who excel at their jobs and who deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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