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Structured Solutions

Sophisticated and innovative solutions that cater for structured FX hedging requirements, interest rate management and yield-enhanced investment strategies.

Apart from traditional FX spot and forward transactions, FX options can be customised as specified FX solutions for exporters and importers. Transactions can be structured at zero-cost premium.

With their deep knowledge of local and global markets, our team of analysts ensure that we are well-positioned to offer views on rate trends and opportunities. We have a full spectrum of interest rate products to meet our clients’ needs, including interest rate swap, cross currency swaps and interest rate options which are specified with respect to size, tenor, currency and settlement, so as to provide more effective hedging solutions.

Through our yield-enhanced products, we offer both short-term and longer-term investment alternatives to traditional deposits for those seeking higher returns in a risk controlled environment. Products can be tailored to suit your individual risk appetite; currency requirements and investment timescale and can be linked to alternative underlying markets such as commodity, stock or currency. The products can be principal protected or principal at risk, with expectation of better returns, depending on the risk profile of the investor.


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