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Foreign Exchange

Trade in major, emerging markets and exotic currencies

Offering our clients access to an unparalleled range of emerging markets and G10 currencies, we actively trade in over 100 currencies, including African and other exotic currencies. Our solutions range from simple spot transactions to sophisticated tailor-made strategies including forward contracts, non-deliverable forwards and structured FX options.

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  • Features
    Products, Benefits & Features
    • Same-day value, TOM Next and T+2 spot transactions
    • Over-the-counter trading in all major currency pairs
    • Market-maker on the MUR Market
    • Foreign exchange forwards and swaps
    • Non-deliverable forwards for specific currency pairs
    • Zero-cost FX structured solutions through FX options for specific currency pairs
  • Specialised team
    Specialised team
  • Fast & reliable service
    Fast & reliable service
  • Accessible & flexible
    Accessible & flexible