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AfrAsia InvestPro

AfrAsia InvestPro - Connecting you to Global Financial Markets.

AfrAsia InvestPro has been designed to cater for a comprehensive set of requirements from a reporting perspective; including a multi factor dashboard with an in-depth portfolio view and a centralised unit storing the custody and trade related advices of our clients.

Our solution will support the following main functionalities.

Fast, easy & secure online portal access ; displaying the below key portfolio parameters:

  • Investment account listing
  • Asset distribution
  • Asset drill down with a full-fledged view of the securities in the portfolio
  • Currency distribution of assets
  • Sectorial distribution of assets
  • Geographical distribution of assets
  • Detailed security parameters
  • Historical trade transaction listing
  • Performance view
  • Access to portfolio reports and trade advices with the possibility to download the above listed data in excel or PDF

With the characteristics below:

  • Service Oriented Architecture design
  • Multi channels access
  • High integration capabilities with multiple connections and integration layers (SFTP, Web services)

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