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Trade Finance

Trade Financing

We believe in letting you focus on your trading activities while our team finds the best options for you. Whether it is to structure loans and/or provide you with short-term facilities through advances against receivables due by your clients to manage your cash flows and working capital requirements, we work towards reinforcing your reputation as a buyer by securing deals with stronger payment terms.



  • Import Loans & Discounting 
    • Financing of your regular or adhoc purchases of goods and raw materials through a fully-revolving facility;
    • Providing you access to funds up until you receive payment for goods;
    • Offering you flexible and competitive rates.
    • Obtain faster payments than when having to wait for your buyers to pay back
    • Maintain your competitive edge with the ability to offer your trading partner longer payment terms;
    • Avail of the option of an early repayment to your suppliers which empowers you to negotiate better pricing terms.

    All Trade Financing options are subject to Conditions and Credit Risk approval by AfrAsia Bank.