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Letters of Credit

Ensure your creditworthiness when securing your deals with our documentary credit ranging from Standard to Transferrable or Standby letters of credit, we cater for your needs.



  • Features & Benefits
    • Ensures a safer trading experience, especially when entering into a new buyer-supplier relationship or in emerging markets;
    • Gives the reassurance of a secure and globally-recognised method of settling overseas trade transactions;
    • Offers the flexibility of matching your letter of credit to your business needs, of any amount and of any freely-traded currency;
    • Strengthens your trading relationships through enhanced credit terms to overseas buyers when exporting goods;
    • Provides a better base for negotiation leading to more preferable credit terms when importing goods, thereby improving your cashflow
    • Reassurance of being aligned to global standards by being subject to the International Chamber of Commerce’s rules for documentary credits.



    All Letters of Credit are subject to Conditions and Credit Risk approval by AfrAsia Bank.

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