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Cash Management

Fixed Deposit Account

Protect your funds and enjoy a higher rate of return 

Secure your funds and receive higher interest rates on deposits over a term of your choosing. AfrAsia offers variable lengths of tenor and both fixed and floating interest rates. Floating rates are usually offered for deposits with terms exceeding 12 months.

  • Benefits and features
    • Offering attractive interest rates for fixed deposits in certain currencies (MUR, USD, GBP, AUD, CNY)
    • Tenors range from 1 week/month to 10 years
    • Available at both fixed and floating interest rates
    • Floating rates indexed to our savings account
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  • Special institution Current Account
  • Corporate Current Account
  • Money Market Placements
  • Specialised team
    Specialised team
  • Fast & reliable service
    Fast & reliable service
  • Accessible & flexible
    Accessible & flexible