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The customer's perception is your reality - Kate Zabriskie
The customer's perception is your reality - Kate Zabriskie

Meet Kevin Ramasamy, CFO at Barak Fund Management, who shares his journey with us.

Hear it from them
  • People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
    Maya Angelou
  • "Again, thank you for the care you take in managing our bank accounts. Confine yourself well, because your presence is essential and so pleasant."
    Private Banking Client
  • "This is a big thank you, for the extremely prompt and exemplary service you provided, to sort out what may have become a serious problem for me. I am very impressed at the speed and professionalism demonstrated."
    Offshore Management Company
  • "ABL has been well prepared and is able to handle unprecedented situation better than our peer with respect to transaction processing for our customers and something worth communicating on afterwards"
    Major local corporate
  • "On Facebook, I have seen the AfrAsia team busy at work in the office during the curfew. Quite incredible. Keep up the good work in these difficult time and much appreciated that you are servicing clients despite the lockdown."
    Global Business client
  • "We want to thank you and all your team for the incredible help you are giving us it is so much appreciated."
    Major local corporate
  • "Congrats as I heard AfrAsia is getting a lot of compliments for still able to operate almost business-as- usual despite the Covid situation and as compared to other banks who have completely limited their services."
    Global Business client
  • AfrAsia Bank, through its team of dedicated persons, maintained the support and level of service that were offered before the lock-down period which enabled business to be conducted 'as-usual'. I really would like this partnership to evolve and grow, and explore new opportunities together. As our principal bank, you could see and measure our growth, and I want to thank you and express my satisfaction for that.
    Global Business client
  • My compliments to AfrAsia Bank – Of all my banking experiences, I must say that I have not come across one that’s as amazing as AfrAsia Bank’s.
    Personal Banking client
  • Last week I had a dealing with AfrAsia Bank. What a pleasure. Customer focus and definitely the best service I have experienced since I have relocated to Mauritius. Continue the great work. Thank you Roufaida Oozeerally. - O.M
    Personal Banking client
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  • Customer Experience
    Customer Experience
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