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29 Oct. 2020

Communiqué - Scam Alert

It has come to our notice that scammers are currently sending unsolicited emails to our customers, which contain an infected PDF file that directs them to a fake page for credentials phishing. These emails look as if they are sent from “AfrAsia” email system but in fact originate from a malicious third party domain.

We strongly advise you not to click on the attachment or any link provided and to promptly report any such cases by forwarding the fraudulent email, as an attachment, to your Relationship Manager.


You are kindly requested to remain cautious against such unsolicited emails and make sure that the details of your email sources are always authenticated.


Steps to protect against phishing


Below are some quick tips that can help you identify potential phishing attacks, as well as best practices that you can adopt to guard against phishing attempts:


  • The Bank will never send you emails asking you to divulge any confidential or personal information
  • Never reveal your PIN or OTP to anyone. The Bank would never ask you for your PIN or OTP (via email or phone) in any cases
  • Do not click on any link to log on to bank websites or open attachments in emails supposedly sent to you by the Bank. Instead, always enter the full URL or domain name of the Bank ( into your browser address bar
  • Check the Bank's website regularly for latest news and communiqués related to scams and fraud