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10 Jun. 2017

Phishing Attempts

In light of recent phishing emails in circulation, we strongly recommend you to avoid clicking on links sent by email especially when your banking accounts are concerned.

The Bank will NEVER send you any e-mail creating a false sense of urgency (such as ‘blocked accounts’, ‘change your password’, ‘incomplete OTP’ etc.). The Bank will NEVER invite you to click on a link to:


  • access or update your personal information
  • change or request your internet banking or email passwords
  • request any other information pertaining to your accounts


To safely login to your Internet Banking account, always navigate to and click on the Login button from our home page.

At AfrAsia Bank, we offer the One-Time-Password (OTP) feature, which is mandatory and provides an additional level of security to your accounts on Internet Banking, protecting you from any phishing attacks.


In the event you come across a phishing email, please report same to the Bank on the following email address: or call on the 403 5500. If you have inadvertently provided above mentioned details on a phishing website, you are requested to immediately change your password for internet banking and your email account and contact your Relationship Manager.


The last phishing email received on 26th June 2017 looks like this: 


Should you require any further information, kindly contact your Relationship Manager.