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Our Strategy

AfrAsia’s Strategy, Drivers and Values

As a regional bank with a strong international footprint, AfrAsia Bank’s strategy, values and vision set it apart in the competitive and rapidly changing financial sector.

Our strategy 

AfrAsia aspires to:

  • Become the leading bank in Mauritius in terms of customer service.
  • Improve the Bank’s profitability in a sustainable way with improved risk management processes.
  • Build an organisational culture that is inclusive, collaborative and purposeful.
  • Define a clear digital agenda and invest smartly in FinTech solutions that transform our multi-channel delivery platforms while ensuring a secure banking environment.


Our approach

A focus on the customer
AfrAsia’s approach is firmly centred on the customer. We place emphasis on building relationships and deepening our understanding of customers’ needs, in order to provide the best customer experience possible.

Teamwork and corporate culture
AfrAsia’s unique “DARE” culture is fundamental to who we are as an organization. Our ability to work as a team allows us to deliver on our promise to ‘Bank Different’.

We combine market knowledge with cutting-edge technology to drive innovation, improve products and services and help clients achieve their financial goals.

We optimise AfrAsia’s positive impact on society and the environment, and ensure maximum long-term business success in the interests of all stakeholders. We also integrate sustainability throughout our business including policies, procedures and practices.

Our values
AfrAsia’s DARE values shape the way we do business and work as a team.

Disruptive: Be the change. Think different, innovate and work smart.
Action: Actions speak louder than words. Do whatever it takes to get the job done!
Rocking: Play as a team with dynamism and mutual respect.
E: Everyone, Everyday, Everything Fun!

Client segments

Corporate Banking
We serve a broad range of business and corporate clients in both local and international markets. We offer a deep understanding of our clients’ business, and deliver products and services tailored to their specific financial requirements.

Private Banking and Wealth Management
The Private Banking and Wealth Management cluster consists of Personal Banking, Private Banking, our External Asset Manager Desk and our Global Custody team. Designed for professionals, executives, asset managers, entrepreneurs, microcompanies and high net worth individuals, the bank’s products and services are carefully crafted to meet our clients’ requirements.

Global Business Banking
AfrAsia provides international clients and management companies with expert advice and flexible financial solutions. These include opening accounts for different structural needs, cash management services, and helping clients access their account from overseas.

Treasury & Markets
Our innovative Financial Markets team caters to the local and regional market. We provide clients with tailored solutions for foreign exchange, debt and other structured derivatives.

  • Teamwork
  • Customer Experience
    Customer Experience
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability