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This is really a different Bank where the customer’s well-being matters.
Dwight Hamilton, Group IT Manager, UBP

“This is really a different Bank where the customer’s well-being matters.”

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30 septembre, 2019
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Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m married and father of two teenage sons. For 7 years now, I have been Group IT Manager of the UBP Group which operates in the manufacture and supply of building materials and agriculture segments.


How did you hear about AfrAsia Bank?

Some 2 years ago, a communique was released from IBL regarding special offers from AfrAsia for all employees of the Group. UBP and AfrAsia Bank being part of the IBL Group, they enjoy quite a few privileges.


Why did you decide to bank with us?

This is really a different Bank where the customer’s well-being matters. It keeps its promise, that of providing heightened and hassle-free customer experience. I did not have to sign any salary pledge with the Bank nor shift from my current Bank. I enjoy a one-to-one rapport with my Relationship Manager. She takes care of all my paper work and my banking needs. There is no necessity for me to personally come to the Bank. The Bank comes to you. All paper work is taken care of by my Relationship Manager. I have instant access to her by phone or by email or even on WhatsApp. When my wife’s signature is required, the Relationship Manager goes to meet her although she is not a client.


You sound delighted when you speak about your experience with our Bank…

It’s about the service as a whole. It’s not only about the specificity of the product offers. Everything is seamless and all aspects of risks are explained. This eases the decision-making process. AfrAsia Bank is also fast and agile in its manner of responding to customer needs. It is a solution-finder. Service is fast, instantaneous even. I am treated as a person and not as a mere number. This is more than what I have been looking for.


What would you propose as future areas of improvement?

With current trends in the Banking sector going towards the use of mobile application platforms, I am also looking forward to AfrAsia Bank developing its own App equipped with multiple features. This would further enhance the Banking experience.

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