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Differentiate. Inspire. Celebrate  - Business Magazine

Differentiate. Inspire. Celebrate - Business Magazine

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17 octobre, 2018
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Celebrating people who make a difference in the workplace matters to us. Acts of daring and audacity come in big and little forms, but recognising them is everything. 


The AfrAsia Achiever Award, an employee driven initiative launched in 2016, has for objective to applaud achievers that go above and beyond their call of duty. The first in a series of upcoming projects, we set the stage for the acknowledgement of our heroines and heroes at work, as we continue to build a winning corporate culture through employee appreciation and respect.

Jonathan Ah Kiow
Jonathan Ah Kiow
  • Department : AfrAsia Capital Management (ACM)
  • The three traits that define me : Generosity. Self-discipline. Perseverance
  • My job entails : Analysing global economic and market trends, seeking investment opportunities from a strategic perspective, monitoring portfolios’ risks and suitability for investments.
  • Describe AfrAsia in 3 words : Challenging. Collaborative. Fast-paced
  • The part I enjoy the most about my job : People interaction
  • My favourite moment at AfrAsia : The team spirit displayed during the relocation of the ACM office. Everyone helping each other in a packed office!
  • My highest achievement so far : Revamping the investment process of the company, with the implementation of supporting platforms providing investment solutions and reporting in line with the strategic views of the investment committee. The process also entails an understanding of the risk profile and financial needs of the clients. This operation has allowed AfrAsia to offer diversified outcome-oriented portfolios for clients, translating into more consistent results across market dynamics and cycles.
  • My interests/hobbies : Photography & Reading
  • The quote that inspires me : “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” -Napoleon Hill


Priya Jany
Priya Jany
  • Department : ICT
  • The three traits that define me : Adventurous. Empathetic. Persistent.
  • My job entails : Nicknamed the “Firefighter” by my colleagues, I primarily manage the IT Helpdesk and ensure that tasks/ issues are attended to and solved in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Describe AfrAsia in 3 words : Perfect for adventure
  • The part I enjoy the most about my job : Every day is different, challenging and exciting. I keep learning new things.
  • My favourite moment at AfrAsia : 7 Oct 2016 – A day to remember! Being the only girl in the ICT infrastructure team during the migration of our production data centre to a new location. That was a once in a lifetime experience.
  • My highest achievement so far : Being a dedicated team player by contributing to the creation of the Digital Customer Onboarding App from A to Z. This application is an instant account opening tool which allows customers to have their account opened from the comfort of their office / home while receiving instant acknowledgement of their application.
  • My interests/hobbies : Photography, cooking and social work
  • The quote that inspires me : “Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.” Saint Augustine


Anjlee Summun
Anjlee Summun
  • Department : Premium Services Hub
  • The three traits that define me : Resourceful. Empathetic. Compliant
  • My job entails : As a Client Services Associate (CSA), I am responsible for meeting performance targets linked to high levels of customer service for clients while creating a positive customer experience to enhance our brand image.
  • Describe AfrAsia in 3 words : Disruptive. Innovative. Fun
  • The part I enjoy the most about my job : Meeting different people, passionate co-workers, team bonding spirit, easy communication and a conducive work environment where everyone shares the same vision.
  • My favourite moment at AfrAsia : When the Bank gave the Consumer Banking Team the chance to go on an overseas trip for our team building where we cut off from the work routine; this created stronger bonds within the team as well as enabling us to relax and enjoy this fabulous time.
  • My highest achievement so far : Exceeding the standards set in my job description where not only I have excelled in customer service but also received a number of encouraging feedback, awards and recognition for my determination. Today, the expertise acquired at AfrAsia has given me the confidence to overcome any challenges in both my day-today job and personal life.
  • My interests/hobbies : Going to the beach, hiking & travelling – exploring new places
  • The quote that inspires me :“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – M. Gandhi
Prithvi Appadoo
Prithvi Appadoo
  • Department : Payment & Trade Services
  • The three traits that define me : Problem-solver. Analytical.Quick learner
  • My job entails : As a Customer Service Assistant, I look after inward remittances, payment processing and reporting.
  • Describe AfrAsia in 3 words : Innovative. Flexible. Different
  • The part I enjoy the most about my job : Our ‘’Bank Different’’ philosophy is applicable throughout our institution not only in terms of our clientele and product offerings but also within our diversified workforce. Since our staff are young and dynamic, there is a DARE-driven attitude with opportunities to progress at every level. Team work and customer satisfaction are my targets in my everyday work.
  • My favourite moment at AfrAsia : When we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Bank last year.
  • My highest achievement so far : My first job as a fresh graduate is at AfrAsia where I was given the right platform to grow and advance in my career through my hard work and commitment. With the help of the whole team, I have managed to work under pressure and deliver quality work. Being recognised by the AfrAsia Achiever Award in less than a year is one of my best achievements.
  • My interests/hobbies : Playing football & Watching horse racing
  • The quote that inspires me : True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders” – Tom Peters
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