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16 févr. 2017

AfrAsia hosts investment expert from Motilal Oswal Group Amid India’s Booming Economy Talk

Experts from Motilal Oswal Group, a multi-award winning firm, spoke about their unique QGLP approach (Quality, Growth, Longevity, Price) to the investment world and how the investing methodology identifies companies with good quality of business, run by top class management and robust earnings growth prospect with longevity.

Motilal Oswal Group is one of India’s fastest growing asset management companies with over 30 years of investing experience in the Indian markets, including 14 years of investing public money. Ashish Shanker, their Head of Investment Advisory and the guest speaker at the conference stated: “Our investment philosophy is centered on two critical pillars of equity investing – 'Buy Right: Sit Tight’. ‘Buy Right' means buying quality companies at a reasonable price and 'Sit Tight' means staying invested in them for a long time to realise the full growth potential of the stocks”.

Bilal Adam, CEO of AfrAsia Capital Management, stated: “Given the recent developments on the global economic scenery, India still remains one of the best performing countries worldwide with a forecasted growth rate of 7.4% for 2017. Post the amendment of the DTAA between India and Mauritius, new avenues to grow the wealth of our clients while contributing to India’s growth have to be explored. With the objective to provide timely insights into investment trends and invaluable perspective on the India economy, this conference was also an attempt to quash the negative feelings about the impacts of India’s demonetisation and the Brexit vote on Indian Capital Markets.” Another guest speaker present was Dr. Rama Sithanen GCSK, Chairman of International Financial Services, who shared his views on ‘Enhancing the economic partnership between India and Mauritius’.

Launched in 2011, the ACM India Focus Fund (denominated in USD) was the first open-ended retail Fund dedicated to the Indian capital markets in Mauritius. Through an actively managed portfolio of equity, equity-related securities as well as fixed income instruments available on the Indian capital markets, the Fund aims to achieve long term capital growth for its investors. Since the appointment of Motilal Oswal as advisor to the Fund in August 2012, the ACM India Focus Fund has gained 85% as opposed to a progress of 43% for the benchmark over the same period, which translates into a yearly return of almost 15% for the Fund and 8% for the benchmark.

About AfrAsia Capital Management

AfrAsia Capital Management offers discretionary investment management services to high net worth individuals, pension funds and other institutions. Headquartered in Port Louis, the company manages its own in-house Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) as well as designs structured solutions for its clients. AfrAsia Capital Management has solid experience over the years in delivering performance across major currencies, geographies and asset classes whilst creating value for all stakeholders.