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18 sept. 2017

A First In Mauritius, AfrAsia Foundation Launches Its School For The Underprivileged Children

In line with its pledge to ‘Shape a World of Difference’, AfrAsia Bank has premiered another project with the creation of the AfrAsia school which is managed by its foundation. The launch was held on 18 September 2017 at the school premises in Curepipe.

The school will welcome over 30 vulnerable and underprivileged children of 3-5 years. A landmark achievement celebrating the 10th year of AfrAsia Bank, the AfrAsia Foundation is modelled on UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and works towards its commitment to provide sustainable education to underprivileged children and to enhance their youth development to provide responsible citizens for the future benefit of Mauritius.

The school represents the AfrAsia Bank 'Different' footprint as the children after entry to pre-school will embark on a monitored journey that will take them through all stages of State education with tutoring and encouragement. The school will be expanded in stages to cater for up to 100 children with the preschool education based on a combination of international methodology and Mauritian curriculum in cooperation with NGO Ti Rayons Soleil. Practical courses will also be offered to Parents. This long-term and sustainable project represents the AfrAsia Group's strong belief that education is the key to lifting the veil of poverty in Mauritius.

The AfrAsia Foundation also supports programmes related to Health and Environment. The AfrAsia Health Awareness Campaign, in partnership with the NGO Link to Life has established a 'state of the art' Cancer Screening Machine, having raised MUR 4,5million to support this project which will be released to the public next month which is 'Cancer Month'. Currently 80 staff have undergone trial free cancer screening, emphasising the Foundation's alignment to the achievement of good health.

The AfrAsia Think Green Programme, in partnership with the NGO Mission Verte to enhance the environment and has allowed the Foundation to promote environmental education within the Bank and to its stakeholders to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The Chairman of the AfrAsia Foundation, Graeme Robertson stated: “Sustainable development starts with safe, healthy and well-educated children becoming responsible adults and contributing to the development of Mauritius. With the launch of the foundation, we have entered a decisive phase to accelerate our CSR efforts. Children are central to the concept, principles and future progress of sustainable development. The long term vision of the foundation is to grow the school on a much bigger scale.”

“AfrAsia Bank completes 10 years and it has been a very satisfactory journey where we have delivered to the expectations of all our stakeholders. However we wished to demonstrate our larger commitment to society and thought a humble beginning to launch a school for the less privileged children and building this up over the next few decades can have a small but meaningful impact in our environment . We have established this school under the AfrAsia Foundation and the start is our way of demonstrating the We Care For Our Society. It also has a commitment from all AfrAsians that it will be an impactful exercise”, commented Sanjiv Bhasin, CEO of AfrAsia Bank.

Luvna Arnassalon-Seerungen, The Manager of AfrAsia Foundation added that, “from its inception, the foundation has been created with a vision to integrate social and ecological thinking linked to our business and stakeholders at AfrAsia Bank and ACM. Shaping a world of difference has been at the centre of our strategy and we aim at long-term impactful programmes."

AfrAsia foundation creates life-changing opportunities for children and adults alike and is aimed at making an impact in the lives of socially challenged communities. To help us make a difference, you can either donate by sending an email to or by calling on 208 5500 / 403 55 00.