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03 juil. 2014

AfrAsia World of Art partners with Bamba Sourang

AfrAsia World of Art partners with Bamba Sourang for his first solo exhibition AfrAsia Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Arts and Culture is pleased to welcome Bamba Sourang for his first solo exhibition in Mauritius from 19-26 June at the Mauritius Institute Building, Port Louis.

His art pieces will also be showcased at the AfrAsia World of Art IBL gallery from 30 June-15 July 2014. Bamba Sourang, a Senegalese-born artist based in France, is well known for his passion about images and the journeys that lead to them. His association with Google in the latest phase of the Google Art project is in itself, a major reference. The works of thousands of artists across Europe were analysed and only 45 of them were chosen, including his masterpiece.

“I do not create things, I encounter them... I must let this work live, in order to give liberty to each person to love it or to hate it…" says Bamba Sourang.

For this exhibition, all the art pieces are a halfway between photography and art painting, a contemporaneous art expression that Bamba Sourang has been practising for a while and which does not leave the viewer indifferent. Yet, the aim behind each piece remains the same: give a new perspective to life and immortalise what often seems commonplace in everyday life.

“In line with sharing our clients’ passion and lifestyle, we, at AfrAsia Bank, aim at being actively involved in not only reinforcing this cross-cultural artistic ideology and promoting emerging local/international artists but also mapping Mauritius as a financial logistics and lifestyle hub,” adds James Benoit, CEO of AfrAsia Bank.

Art is an investment one has to enjoy while it grows in value, which is closely knit with quality. Yet, art is like any other commodity and will be influenced by the fluctuations in the market. Investing in art or any class asset in that respect therefore necessitates careful consideration and expert advice.