Internet Banking


Corporate Banking:

We serve a broad range of clients in both our local and international markets, by developing a detailed understanding of our clients business and their specific financing requirements. This could range from the provision of short term funding solutions, long term financing solutions and/or transactional banking solutions.

Consumer Banking:

With regional cross-border capabilities, we provide international clients and management companies expert advice and develop flexible financial solutions, including the opening of accounts for different types of structures, cash management, accessing their account from overseas.

Global Business Banking:

The Consumer Banking cluster consist of Personal Banking, Private Banking, External Asset Manager Desk and Global Custody. Designed for professionals, executives, asset managers, entrepreneurs, micro companies and high net worth individuals, the Bank’s products and services are carefully crafted to meet the sharp requirements of our clients.

Treasury & Markets:

AfrAsia Bank Limited is establishing itself as an innovative Financial Markets service provider catering for both the local and regional market. We provide clients with tailored solutions by reinforcing our position as the market makers for foreign exchange, interest rate, debt, and other structured derivatives.

Differentiating Ourselves:

Customer-Focused Approach
We pursue a customer-centric approach built on privileged relationships and a multi-channel approach to provide an optimised customer experience. 

The Bank’s unique culture is fundamental to who we are as an organisation and a key aspect of its brand promise, ‘Bank Different’. 

We combine our deep market knowledge to drive innovation for improved products and services to help clients achieve their financial aspirations

Managing Ourselves:

Internal Control Framework & Risk Management 
Effective risk management is fundamental for our organisation. We are structured in line with the commonly known, three lines of defense concept: First line of defense: Identify and manage risks by businesses and support units. Second line of defense: Corporate oversight exercised by control functions (such as Risk Management, Finance, Legal and Compliance). Third line of defense: Regular audits (internal and external) on a risk based approach to provide independent assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls. 

The Compliance Function sets standards for achieving compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and supervisory requirements. Policies and procedures are put in place to ensure that the Bank has implemented relevant Acts, Guidelines, Regulations and Rules. The Compliance Function must also identify, assess and monitor the compliance risks faced by the bank, and advise and report to Senior Management, the Audit Committee of the Board and the Board of Directors about any major risks. 

Corporate Governance & Leadership 
We are committed to high standards of integrity, ethics and professionalism. To safeguard stakeholders’ interests, the Board of Directors is well-informed and fully engaged, and provides the leadership and direction to management by reviewing and overseeing the implementation of the Bank’s strategic vision. The Bank believes that sound and effective corporate governance is fundamental to the Group’s longterm success. 

Values-led Culture 
Our organisational values shape the way we do business and work with each other. - Disruptive Banking - Passionate Partners - Genuineness - Privileged Relationships - Can-do Attitude


Measuring Ourselves :

Our Balanced Scorecard 
The balanced scorecard tool is used to align business activities to the strategic vision of the organisation. The scorecard enables us to track financial results while simultaneously monitoring progress on our other angles of growth, promoting coherence and relevance across all levels of the organisation. It facilitates the implementation of our long-term strategy through structured short term actions and allows decision making based on both financial and non-financial measures. Our scorecard is divided into 4 perspectives namely customer, internal operations, financial and learning and growth. The different components separately and in combination, contribute to providing an overview of our performance relative to our strategic objectives. The tool is a reliable means of communication as it provides clarity and regular updates on strategy; enables an alignment of individual goals with the overall strategy of the Bank; bridges the gap between strategic objectives, long term targets and annual budgets and provides a periodic performance review which can be used to review and improve strategy in line with changes in the market environment and technological advancements.

Operational footprint We have built a solid regional platform of local and international relevance, with diversified revenue streams and geographical diversity.
  • The Bank was founded in 2007
  • Headquartered in Port Louis
  • Market leading position in its core business lines: Corporate & Investment Banking, Global Business Banking, Private Banking & Personal Banking, Treasury & Markets
  • Works with its leading asset management arm, AfrAsia Capital Management Ltd
  • Located in Cape Town and Johannesburg
  • Core international products and services: Corporate Banking & Investment Banking, Investment Banking solutions, Private Banking & Wealth Management and Treasury structured through Mauritius