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From simple to sophisticated treasury products, AfrAsia provides you with customised and structured solutions to meet your commercial or investment needs.

We provide prompt, efficient, flexible and competitive execution of Forex transactions according to your individual needs. Our specialist team of dealers will work closely with you for customised and structured solutions, in order to meet specific hedging and investment requirements.


Main Treasury products

  • FX Spots/Forwards/Swaps - We deal in all the majors and quite a number of exotics also (including African and Asian exotics). We can  do Same day value, TOM Next and T+2 for spot transactions. FX forwards and FX swaps can go to tenors up to 12 months  
  • Non Deliverable Forwards (NDF’s) for specific currencies and Leveraged Forwards in a few currency pairs can also be arranged for
  • FX Options -  trading in the major  currency pairs can be arranged OTC
  • Dual Currency Deposits - in the major currency pairs can be arranged OTC
  • Fixed Income  Securities - we trade in both sovereign and corporate papers (Treasury Bills, Government bonds, Corporate bonds). As an authorised  Primary Dealer by Bank of Mauritius we can buy and sell Government of Mauritius Treasury  Bills and Bonds for various tenors
  • Government securities - we aim to provide, in addition to competitive pricings of short to long term Government Papers, customized and structured solutions to enhance your liquidity management.         Download our bid/offer yields.


Dealing environment & hours

Operating out of an active Dealing Room in Ebene, headed by Jen, our dealers Allan, Jean Francois, Ashvind,  Christie  and Lovania are in constant contact with both the domestic and international markets, thus being able to provide you with latest market information and competitive rates  to assist you in taking informed decisions and optimising benefits.

We are now also pleased to advise that since  1 July 2016,  we have extended  our daily dealing hours : our   treasury services are now available from 06H00  to 21H00 , P Louis  Time. (GMT +4).

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