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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer in terms of career development & training?

We want to develop leaders in every level of our business; that is why Performance Management is important to us.
If you join the AfrAsia Bank team, you will have regular performance reviews, career discussions and coaching with your Line Manager. We will provide the support and guidance you need to meet your career objectives; you begin by discussing with your Line Manager, so you can decide between you what needs to happen, then it's over to you.

What’s so unique about your culture?

We have a very passionate management team that works closely with their departments to ensure our culture and values don’t get diluted. Our CEO holds regular face to face communication sessions to share goals, objectives, results & new strategies. We value our people & provide opportunities to gather feedback through suggestion boxes, regular employee engagement surveys & face to face meetings with members of the executive team.

What benefits do you offer your employees?

Apart from a competitive salary & a great working environment, we have a Company Pension, Medical Insurance, Staff Loans, Performance Bonuses, Social events, internal health awareness sessions...and much more! See our photo pages for more info.

How can I find out about Career Opportunities at AfrAsia?

We regularly place adverts in the local press, on our web-site and on IBL Ltd web-site, if we’re not recruiting at the moment; perhaps you would like to intermittently visit our website to keep up to date with career opportunities.

Is AfrAsia an Equal Opportunities Employer?

We strive to be, we recently introduced an Equality Policy, and we are actively supporting TEDPB, the Governments YEP initiative and believe this is an ongoing process; when we feel something isn’t ‘right’ we take steps to change it.

What community or CSR activities do you support?

We are passionate about our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and we concentrate on a small number of dedicated projects that are guided by our Key Values. Our approach is founded on a broad understanding of the concept of corporate citizenship and employee participation is always encouraged. Take a look at our CSR page