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AfrAsia Sponsorships

  • Conference

  • Golf

    AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open

    30 November - 03 December 2017

  • Horse Racing

    AfrAsia Bank Duke of York Cup

  • Rugby

    AfrAsia International 7s Rugby Tournament

  • Art

    AfrAsia World of Art

  • Wine

    AfrAsia Bank Cape Wine Auction

At AfrAsia Bank, we understand the impact of art and sport on people and our sponsorship portfolio reflects this diversity. Sponsorships are regarded as an investment to help sustain and grow our business as well as an opportunity to build relationships in the communities in which we operate and embracing different cultures.

As the African specialists on the road, we are always on the move. With our strategic presence in Mauritius and South Africa as well as our trade shows from Europe, across Africa and Asia, AfrAsia Bank is building a major regional banking and capital markets platform to participate in the African growth story.

Conferences 2009 - 2013

AfrAsia Bank aims at promoting a sport that is rising as a global trend and simultaneously positioning ourselves in such a sport that has gained new impetus via the development of tourism in Mauritius. Through this, we are glad to contribute to the development of our island as an international financial and lifestyle destination.

Horse racing is a popular sport in Mauritius. In line with sharing our clients’ passion, we sponsor one of the pinnacles of the Mauritian horse racing calendar, the AfrAsia Bank Duke of York Cup .

Rugby is synonymous of collaborative teamwork, innovative play, strategic thinking and of a highly competitive nature, which fits perfectly within AfrAsia Bank’s philosophy. Our involvement in this sport offers our clients the opportunity of experiencing the thrill and excitement rugby matches can bring.

There is now a growing demand for art investment and linking banking to fine arts is something we’re extremely passionate about. We are looking to reinforce our commitment towards clients seeking more than just wealth management but also new forms of investment and simultaneously share their passion as art amateurs or full-fledged connoisseurs. At the same time, AfrAsia Bank also aims to promote Mauritius on the international front through this art piece, reflecting our island as a contemporary one.

The AfrAsia Bank Cape Wine Auction is a top-drawer glamorous event that celebrates, on a global stage, South Africa’s vinous offering in line with uniting the industry around a common philanthropic goal, and making a difference in the lives of many South African children.