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AfrAsia World of Art

AfrAsia World of Art

In collaboration with 3A The Excellence of Art, the AfrAsia World of Art showcases a number of exclusive art pieces by renowned international artists namely Joseph Klibansky, Omar Galliani, Simon Back, Olivier Tops and some Mauritian artists.The AfrAsia World of Art offers the services of an onsite specialist who provides details on all artworks and counsels those willing to invest in the art pieces as well.

AfrAsia World of Art

Bowen Square 10, Dr Ferriere Street
Port Louis
Opening hours: 10h00 - 16h00

3A The Excellence of Art

Led by Mr Christian Mermoud, 3A The Excellence of Art opened its doors in March 2011 at Ruisseau Creole, Black River and is the number one Art Gallery in the Indian Ocean for contemporary art lovers and collectors.

  • Gaël Froget

  • Bamba Sourang

  • Hubert Privé

  • Joseph Klibansky

  • Simon Back

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